Forge your legacy.

    Unleash your inner-warrior with Gracie Barra's "all-in-one" health and lifestyle coaching platform.




    Fight for what matters.

    Build resilience, strength and real-world "life skills" to fight the battles that mean most.



    We build fighters for life.

    Our "Warrior Academy" not only helps build future leaders... we provide the guidance, tools and support to get fit, stress less and achieve more as a parent.

  • The Hard Truth.

    The research is sobering. We are losing our health, resiliency and connection:

    1) We are moving less and growing more unhealthy.

    2) While our mental health declines, our substance use skyrockets.

    3) We're using screens at an alarming rate while more divided and isolated than ever before.


    Of US Adults are obese. Compared to 12% in 1990. That rate has more than tripled over the past 30 years. It is estimated that over 50% of adults will be obese by 2030


    Of US Children are obese. Compared to less than 10% over 30 years ago, that number had doubled. It is projected that childhood obesity could increase to over 23% by 2030 if trends continue.


    According to the American Psychological Association's annual stress survey, the percentage of adults with any anxiety disorder has increased 70% over the past 30 years.


    According to the CDC, drug overdose deaths in the United States has increased over 1000% since 1990.

    13.5 hours

    According to a 2021 report by Nielsen, adults in the united states spend on average 13 hours and 35 minutes per day using various types of screens.

    7 hours, 22 minutes

    According to a 2021 report by Nielsen, kids age 13-18 spend on average 7 hours and 22 minutes on screens, while kids 6-12 spend 4 hours and 11 minutes.

  • The Warrior's Legacy.

    For 1000's of years, warriors have dedicated themselves to building a strong body, a resilient mind and living with a sense of purpose... fighting for what matters most to them...


    the survival of their tribe.  


  • What do you fight for?

    We're all warriors... we're all fighting for what matters most in life. The Warrior2.0 platform gives you the tools and support to overcome whatever obstacles lay in your path to health, happiness and connection.

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    Exercise/Activity Programming

    Take advantage of workout programs designed by professionals with a combined 5+ decades of experience. You'll be dialed in from day 1.


    Our training can be in-person, online or both! You can access your coach and other resources from the comfort of your own home.

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    Nutrition Plans and Tracking

    Experience the gift of long lasting energy and vitality with our customized nutritional guidance.


    With professionals who are with you every step of the way, you can rest assured knowing the exact steps you need to take to reach your goals.


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    Accountability and Support

    You're not alone! Our coaches and members will help keep you accountable with check-ins and coaching calls, making sure that you achieve what you set out to accomplish. Experience constant support and inspiration with a community that celebrates your successes as much as their own.

    "A rising tide raises all ships."

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    Integrated Professional Coaching

    Imagine having a team of licensed and certified health and fitness professionals on your team! Our expert coaches tailor your plan throughout the program using a data driven approach.


    We help you identify what's working and what's not to ensure that the work you're putting in will lead to the results you're after. It's kind of like having your own personal "Goal GPS" system.

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    Research-Backed "Life Skills"

    Our curriculum is designed and led by a team of licensed mental health counselors, certified health professionals, leadership coaches and other experts from the Warrior2.0 community.


    Leverage a curriculum based on science and backed by 80+ years of research conducted by Harvard on what creates a happy, healthy and successful life.

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    Community Connection

    You'll have our engaging community walking this journey with you every day. Experience greater purpose and more meaningful relationships with a tribe of like-minded individuals on your side.

    Within our community, you will enjoy live Q+A calls, discussion threads and direct (and private) access to top experts on mental health, nutrition, exercise science, sports medicine, physical therapy, leadership, relationships, goal setting, and more.

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